House Checks

The house check program is designed for citizens of Niceville to request periodic checks of their residence while they are out of town. House check forms must be submitted in person at the dispatch window located inside the lobby of the Niceville Police Department. This office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Forms may be picked up and completed at the dispatch window, completed online, or you can print out a form (PDF) in advance for your convenience.

Gun Lock Program

'Project Childsafe' is a nationwide program to help ensure safe and responsible firearms ownership and storage, developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and supported by a U.S Department of Justice grant.

The Niceville Police Department has received over 1,300 safety kits through Project ChildSafe, which will be distributed free of charge to local residents. These safety kits include a cable-style gun lock and safety brochure.

All residents who have a firearm in the home are encouraged to stop by the police department for a free safety kit. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the dispatch window inside the police department. These kits will be available while supplies last. Remember, firearms should always be stored in a location inaccessible to children and other unauthorized persons. Ammunition should be stored in a separate location.

We feel that if even one accident or death can be prevented through Project ChildSafe, our participation in the program will have been worth the effort.If you have questions, or would like more information on Project ChildSafe, please visit their website.


The R.U.O.K? Program is a free service of the Niceville Police Department to conduct a daily check of the elderly or homebound citizens who live inside the city limits of Niceville.

R.U.O.K will call the participant daily at the time they choose during the interview process. If there is no answer, the computer will alert the Communications Officer to dispatch an officer to their home to make sure there is no emergency. If the participant goes on vacation or into the hospital, they just call the police department, and calls will be halted during their time away from home.

To participate in the program, citizens will provide pertinent information needed in the time of an emergency such as emergency contact, next of kin, personal physician, medications, medical conditions and key holder information. This information can save valuable time during an emergency. For information, check out our flyer (PDF).

Neighborhood watch website


The Niceville Police Department encourages all neighbors to be aware of their surroundings and alert the police department when anything seems out of the ordinary. If your neighbor hood would like to organize a neighborhood watch, please contact the Niceville Police Department at 850-279-6436, ext.1200, or email your request and we will have an officer contact you.