What is R.U.O.K.?

Are You O.K.? (R.U.O.K.) is a computer-automated telephone reassurance system that contacts subscribers once each day. It is a free service offered to all Niceville residents. 

Is R.U.O.K for me?

If you live the City of Niceville and are a senior citizen, if you are disabled, or feel you would benefit from daily contact with the Niceville Police Department, then R.U.O.K. is for you.

How does it work?

After you request to enroll in the program we will set up a short interview with you. This interview can be conducted in your home or at the Police Department. During this interview, we will gather some important information, including contact information for your family, friends, neighbors, physicians, and clergy. During the interview, we will explain how the system works and may request you leave a key to your residence to be secured in the Police Department. This is further explained below.

The system will call you once a day at a specific time of your choosing. When you answer the phone, the system plays a pre-recorded announcement. If the system doesn't receive an answer, it will automatically call back a short time later.

If no answer is received on the second attempt, an alert is sent to dispatch and they will try to contact you personally. If we are still unable to get an answer, an officer from the Patrol Division will be dispatched to your residence to check on you. If you chose to leave a copy of your key to be secured at the Police Department, we will be able to access your home to check inside. 

Why should I sign up for R.U.O.K.?

The system is designed to stay in touch with our seniors and disabled citizens who live alone. Many adult children of seniors already telephone their parents daily to check on their wellbeing. This system does the same thing, as an added bonus.

Who decides what time I called?

When you are interviewed for the program you decide when you would like to be called.

What if I go on Vacation?

No problem! Just call the Police Department prior to leaving and provide us with the dates you will be called. The system will not call again until you return. 

How do I get started?

To join the program, please fill out the form below and a representative from the department will contact you.

R.U.O.K.? Contact Form

For further information please contact Communications Manager Shawn Teets at (850) 279-6436 ext. 1209 or by email at