Books-By-Mail is a convenient service that supplies books, audiobooks, and videos to people who cannot travel to the library. 

Who can get Books-By-Mail?

Children and adults in the county who cannot visit a library due to temporary or long-term physical or medical disabilities may qualify for Books-By-Mail. A current library card from one of the member libraries is needed. If you don’t have a card, please call your local library for assistance.

How does it work?

Materials are sent through the mail in a zippered nylon bag. When the materials are due for return, the patron attaches postage and mails the bag back. The bag may be dropped off at any OCPLC member library to save on return postage. Certain disabilities qualify for federal postage-free return service.  Contact your local post office for more information.

Which titles will I receive?

Visit our online catalog to browse our materials. Email your requests to us or call the telephone number below. If you’d like to establish a "standing order" style request list, or would like suggestions of titles you may enjoy, we are happy to provide that service. Subscribe to the free BookBrowse Newsletter for more recommendations and reviews. 

How do I apply?

Request an application by calling (850)279-6436 ext. 1507 or email us.