Billing Policies

Water & Sewer Bills

Water meters are read during the fourth week of each month and bills are mailed as close to the 1st of the month as possible. If you do not receive your bill, please call the Utility Billing Office at 850-279-6436, ext. 1100 after the 7th of the month. Meters are read one month but the billing for that month is not mailed until the following month. Non-receipt of a bill does not exempt you from the consequences of non-payment.

Payment of Utility Billing

A bill shall not be considered paid until remittance for same has been received at the office of the Finance Department, and the department shall not be responsible for delays or losses in transportation in the mails or otherwise. The fact that a customer does not receive a bill shall not constitute grounds for late payment discount or adjustment.

Transfer of Service

A $35 transfer fee (Non-Refundable) is charged at the time of transferring service within Niceville. Also require a copy of a valid photo identification and copy of lease (if renting).

Returned Checks or Electronic Drafts

If your payment is returned for any reason, a fee will be charged for the return. It is your responsibility to contact the City of Niceville to make arrangements to make the item good. If the City of Niceville receives the item prior to your contacting us, our policy is to try to contact the customer by phone (leave a message if no answer) or place a door hanger on the door. If our office is not contacted within 24 hours of our attempt to contact the customer the water service will be disconnected and a reconnect fee of $35.00 will be charged also.

E-Mail Billing Information

The city began offering the choice of paperless billing in August of 2009. If you are interested in receiving your bill via e-mail you can stop by the office to sign-up for this service or print and complete the form below and return it to our office by the 20th of the month for processing and the service should begin with our next billing process. The e-mail agreement will remain in effect until written notice is received by the city to terminate the service. Written notice needs to be in our office no later then the 20th of the month. Download the Email Application (PDF).

Delinquent Accounts

If your bill is not paid in full on the 10th of each month you will receive a late notice with the 10% penalty charge included. Water service for any account delinquent (after the 20th of the month) will be disconnected without further notice. Water will remain off until all charges have been paid in full. A $35.00 reconnect fee will be assessed to offset personnel and vehicle expense. Please do not let this happen to you. The City staff will restore water service after the bill is paid during office operating hours.