Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)


The City of Niceville, Florida, in the Spring of 2012, passed Resolution 12-06-01, that it was in the City’s best interest to create a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to address deteriorating, blighted, and under-performing areas within the historic settlement of the City. It had become increasingly aware that certain areas within the original city needed public incentives to maximize physical (public infrastructure), economic, and land utilization redevelopment to stimulate private investment in order to enhance its overall contribution to the City of Niceville as a whole.

As above, the original CRA was officially created by the City Council on June 12, 2012, pursuant to the guidelines and delegations provided in Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes. It was the City’s desire to gauge, control, manage, and support its designated Redevelopment Area to be compatible with other City programs and resources, and to implement and support public as well as private redevelopment initiatives. In short it was the City’s intention and mission: TO DEDICATE PUBLIC RESOURCES AND PROGRAMS TO STIMULATE PRIVATE INVESTMENT IN UNDER-PERFORMING AREAS AS OFFICIALLY IDENTIFIED IN THE NICEVILLE CRA PLAN.

CRA Commission Members

The City Council will sit as the governing board of the Agency. The Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem of the City shall serve respectively as the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Agency. A vacancy occurring during a term shall be filled in the same manner as provided for respectively filling a vacancy in the term of the Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem, or other members of the City Council. Coterminous with employment by the City, the City Manager, City Clerk, and City Attorney or any special counsel to the City shall also serve respectively as the executive director, clerk, and general counsel or special counsel for
the Agency.

Agendas and Minutes of CRA Meetings

Documents and Maps                                              Budget and Reports

Resolution 12-06-01 Creating CRA

Niceville CRA Expanding Resolution 19-11-01

City of Niceville CRA Plan

City of Niceville CRA Plan Amended March 2020

City of NIceville CRA Plan Amended September 2022

CRA Amendment Findings of Necessity


CRA Amended Budget Fiscal Year 2022-2023

CRA Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2022-2023

CRA Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2021- 2022

CRA Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2020-2021

CRA Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2019- 2020

CRA Amended Budget Fiscal Year 2019- 2020

CRA Annual Report FY 2019

CRA Annual Report FY 2020

CRA Annual Report FY 2021

FY20 Niceville CRA Annual Financial Report with Audit 

FY21 Niceville CRA Annual Financial Report with Audit

Niceville CRA Meeting Schedule FY 22-23

City Of Niceville ORAC Application

NWFSC ISP CRA Draft Plan Support

Aquatic Center Assessment

Historic Old Town Village Conceptual Design

The Florida Redevelopment Association: BEST BOOK AWARD