Why are there three different fire departments in Niceville?

The three departments in Niceville are the City of Niceville Fire Department, East Niceville Fire District, and North Bay Fire District.

  1. The City is the primary department for the incorporated areas of Niceville, all of SR285 up to the Walton County line and SR85 North up to Mile Marker 21, and half way down SR123
  2. East Niceville Fire District has the unincorporated areas within the City of Niceville
  3. North Bay Fire District is responsible for the area of Blue Water Bay

Even though we are three separate departments, we rely on each other to assist on all structure fires and when one of our trucks is busy on another call we cover for each other by operating within a Mutual Aid Agreement. For more information, contact us at 850-279-6436.

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1. Why are there three different fire departments in Niceville?
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